Summary of “IDEO CEO Tim Brown believes that creativity will be the solution to automation”

Novogratz is one of the best examples I know of a creative leader who puts radically new ideas into action.
Creativity isn’t solely the domain of traditional artistic fields.
Just as technology now impacts every area of our lives, not just the computer-powered parts, creativity often involves abstract thinking that connects disparate parts of our experience to address the challenges at hand.
Drawing parallels to past opportunities allows us to extrapolate a solution in the absence of more compelling data.
As it’s one of the few things that automation will struggle to wrestle from us, creativity is going to be vital to survival in the future.
As the pace of innovation speeds up, disrupting entire industries, we must hold dear what is uniquely ours: The ability to understand human behavior and creatively solve for human needs.
Creative leadership doesn’t require being a lone genius: It requires setting some design constraints for how you work, and flexing a few basic behavioral muscles that you already have.
Think about the way an athlete trains to stay fit: As a creative person, if I don’t train every day, I won’t be effective.

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