Summary of “Is your kid grumpy, stubborn or defiant? This might be the reason”

One mother’s investigation into why her child was acting so stubborn led to a surprising discovery: He was discouraged.
The root of an at-times defiant, difficult child: discouragementRudolf Dreikurs, a 20th century psychologist who focused much of his work on parenting, observed that, “A misbehaving child is a discouraged child.”
Sometimes a child who is misbehaving frequently is struggling with discouragement, 20th century psychologist Rudolf Dreikurs found.
After struggling to understand why her very smart child refused to do his homework, one mom finally asks the right question.
This is one of the hardest places to pull a kid out of because the child’s behavior makes adults feel the same emotions that the child is feeling: hopeless, helpless, and inadequate.
These uncomfortable emotions are frequently masked by the child with defiance and lack of motivation.
Tips for encouraging your child, combating defiant behaviorPulling our child out of this hole takes creativity and patience.
Break a task down into small steps and ask your child to just do one step at a time.

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