Summary of “A True Love”

I dived into casual sex, learned for the first time in my life what casual racism feels like, what a not-quite-consensual sexual experience feels like.
It’s an unusual feeling for me to be the new person in this equation.
“Respect Erica’s agency. If she wants you to know something, she’ll either find a way to tell you or she will talk to Cory. You’re not responsible for Erica, Cory is.”
Making the feelings more potent, it’s my first real love.
How does it feel like to be in love with someone who at that any given moment might be with his girlfriend at the veterinarian’s, caring for the sick kittens they’ve adopted? Might be spending time doing anything with this woman he also loves, whom he met and loved way before he met me.
To ensure no one feels left out, we plan everything.
How does it feel to be in love with this beautiful, beautiful boy who makes me feel so beautiful and safe and loved and cared for, like no boy ever has before? Who makes me feel like he’s gently cracked me open and laid me out in the sun?
It’s a personal milestone when I realise that my affection for him doesn’t take away anything from what I feel for Cory.

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