Summary of “Why The Wi-Fi ‘Beating Heart’ Emoji Means True Love”

There’s no more universal sign of love than a heart.
According to Apple, the red heart emoji was the second-most popular emoji in 2017, bested only by the crying-laugh face.
The yellow heart emoji on iPhone used to translate into a hairy monstrosity on Android, though it was fixed in a later update to the OS. Even if your heart is not lost in translation, certain hearts are rife for misinterpretation.
There is one heart emoji that communicates love so deeply and effectively that it’s shocking it isn’t more frequently used.
Since it was introduced, those who interpret the emoji as a beating heart have used it to represent life or love.
According to data Burge pulled for me from Emojipedia, the Wi-Fi heart is neither most nor least used of all the emoji hearts.
The Wi-Fi heart communicates that you love a person or thing so profoundly that you couldn’t live without it.
While the classic red emoji heart communicates a bland and generic love, the Wi-Fi heart stands for something deeper and more essential.

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