Summary of “The steps you need to take to move to Spain for a work-free year”

If you have the dream to take a year off – a gap year! – you may find yourself asking an important question.
Why Barcelona? Well, the weather: Barcelona has an average of 310 sunny days a year.
You’ll need to build up a comfy nest egg to finance your year.
A lot of us don’t need to maintain our current income level – because we’d be happy to live a different lifestyle or move to a cheaper place or because we don’t want to wait forever to save that kind of money.
” Basically, you find someone in Barcelona who wants to move to New York for a year, and swap apartments with them.
“Do people go out all the time? Yeah. Do people like to take little weekend trips and create long weekends by linking a national holiday to a Friday? Yes. People here, especially expats, like to live well.” And this is all possible because when it comes to food and drink, Barcelona is still mercifully cheap.
Another good thing about living in Barcelona? Public transport will get you anywhere you need to go.
Another viable option is to enter Spain with a student visa, which is what Yamet did when he completed courses at the Universitat de Barcelona.

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