Summary of “12 Hiking Destinations You’ll Want to Add to Your Bucket List”

So we decided to go straight to the source and asked 12 expert hikers, adventurers, and explorers to tell us about their favorite awesome, potentially underrated hiking destinations that are worth checking out-and how to make the most of your visit.
From waterfalls in South Carolina to international trails in Myanmar and Nepal, here are some of the picturesque hiking destinations seasoned trailblazers swear by.
“Summit Lake is relatively close to Seattle and makes for a great half-day or overnight backpacking trip. From the top of the ridge above the lake, there are stunning views of Mount Rainier and the Carbon River Valley 3,000 feet below. Because [it’s] located outside the national park, it’s a great place to enjoy Mount Rainier without having to deal with fees, reservations, or permits required for many of the hiking and camping facilities at the park. I always recommend checking the Washington Trails Association website for trail reports before heading out on any trail in Washington State. The trail reports often include recent photos and current trail and road conditions.”
“For an adaptive hiker like me, it isn’t heavily trafficked by other wheelchair users, and that might be because, frankly, it’s not wheelchair accessible at all. [It’s] an amazing adventure because I’m willing to get a bit creative. I rely on a friend to piggyback me up the tough parts and strangers on the trail to carry my wheelchair and gear. I hiked Devil’s Bridge on the weekend, because I knew there would be more traffic and I anticipated that I’d need more help on this trail. It’s all about anticipating your needs and planning for them.”
“There’s so much to love about Turner Falls, but the beautiful turquoise water, the stunning waterfalls, the natural pools, and hiking areas are my personal favorites. The difficulty varies based on the trail you decide to take, but you don’t need any hiking experience to enjoy them. Many visitors also rock-climb and kayak in the area, and the park also offers ziplining for those who don’t want to hike.”
“I love this trail because it offers something for everyone. If you want to do a long backpacking trip or an ultra-run, you can do the entire trail within one to three days. If you want to hike a piece of it for a day trip, you can do that too. It circumnavigates Mount Hood, an active volcano in Oregon, and I guarantee that the views of the mountain will be some of the most beautiful you’ve ever witnessed.”
“Not only does the hike bring you to an amazing waterfall, but it also leads you to the wild and scenic Chattooga River. You really lose yourself in the wild back there. Other people aren’t usually around, and if they are, they’re probably boating. It’s moderate to strenuous at time, and I think most people should have some hiking experience under their belt before trying to take on this trail. To someone wanting to hike it, I’d suggest planning to spend a full day hanging around Chattooga-maybe even book a yurt and a rafting trip to see it from both angles.”
It’s easy to access and not many people are on it because they are hiking the popular destinations in the park.

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