Summary of “Denis Shapovalov Is the Thrilling, Gutsy Teen of Tennis”

I am walking with Denis Shapovalov on the grounds of the Indian Wells Tennis Garden when a woman approaches him and, after apologizing for being a bother, wishes him luck.
Indian Wells has lots of open practice courts, allowing fans an opportunity to get quite close to their favorite players.
Just a quick glint in a player’s eye that sizes up the stranger-is it a fan? A sponsor? A tournament volunteer? But Shapovalov is, for now, unusually unguarded.
Throughout the tournament, Shapovalov had been staying at the family home of close friend and fellow Canadian tennis player FĂ©lix Auger-Aliassime.
Occasionally, you can get the sense that, when a lower-ranked player takes the court against an all-time great like Nadal or Federer, they do so with the modest hope of just not getting blown off the court.
“You can’t just put the ball in and hope Rafa misses. It’s not going to happen. He’ll just run you around the court and make the shots he needs to make. When I play the top guys, I make sure that if I have an opening, I go for it.”
“As a person,” he says, “I find myself to be shy and not that exciting, but on the court I feel like a different animal. We’re entertainers. That’s our job: to give the fans a good show. I grew up wanting to play on the big stages in front of all these fans, so when I finally get the chance to do it, I’m so happy that I let myself go. For me, I feel like the point is to go out there and express your emotions and your feelings for the game.”
“The obligations they must have? Players like Roger and Rafa can’t go anywhere unnoticed, within tennis and outside of tennis. They can’t go to malls. They can’t go to the movies and just relax. They always have to be cautious. And then they somehow balance everything and still play at the highest level. If I were in their position, I don’t know if I could do it for as long as Roger or Rafa. I’ll probably retire earlier than…well, definitely earlier than Roger!”.

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