Summary of “The cluttered lives of middle-class Americans ~ Get Rich Slowly”

Long-time readers are familiar with my decade-long war on Stuff.
While I still bring new Stuff into the house – Kim would tell you I bring too much Stuff home – I’m not nearly so acquisitive as I used to be.
Graesch continues: “We have lots of Stuff. We have many mechanisms by which we accumulate possessions in our home, but we have few rituals or mechanisms or processes for unloading these objects, for getting rid of them.” All of this stuff causes stress.
The push to become consumers, to value Stuff, starts at an early age.
There’s more Stuff available for kids than there was fifty years ago, and that Stuff costs less.
We’re guilty of stockpiling some stuff too.
Says Arnold, “There seems to be a kind of a correlation between how much Stuff is on the refrigerator panel door and how much stuff is in the broader home.”
Do you struggle with clutter? Is your home packed to the gills with Stuff? What steps have you taken to get rid of some of this crap? Or have you?

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