Summary of “Naomi Osaka Is the Coolest Thing in Tennis”

At Indian Wells, Naomi Osaka looked like she could beat any tennis player in the world.
At a press conference after the finals match, Naomi Osaka described the feeling of winning her first title the way any champion would: in reference to a meme.
Four days later, in the first round of the Miami Open, Osaka faced her childhood hero and inarguably the greatest living tennis player-perhaps the greatest ever-Serena Williams, a woman with more Grand Slam titles than Osaka has years on Earth.
Naomi Osaka has to sort out different dilemma: “I was debating if I should travel with my PS4 or not.”
Despite being the circuit’s most soft-spoken player, Naomi Osaka is a champion of the press conference.
The tennis circuit is long and arduous, and Osaka is just at the beginning of it.
Maybe the best way to reconcile Naomi Osaka, mild-mannered gamer and meme lover, with Naomi Osaka, the WTA’s destroyer of worlds, is her Instagram.
The tennis player Osaka wants to project isn’t the hyper-focused competitor.

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