Summary of “How Steph Curry and Klay Thompson overcame their childhood nemeses”

While he might well be one of the most feared weapons in the NBA today, when Steph Curry was 12 years old, a kid named CJ Young owned him.
While the barrel-chested Young looked older than his peers, the wispy Curry was often mistaken for a younger player.
During one of their games, Carl Young remembers, Curry drilled seven 3-pointers in a row over an increasingly agitated defender.
As Curry grew older – and taller – he enrolled at a private school, Charlotte Christian, and no longer crossed paths with Young.
The last time Young saw Steph Curry was in 2005, when they ran into each other at the Indian Trail Rec Center on the outskirts of Charlotte, working independently on their games and preparing for the next step in their basketball journey.
CJ Young, Curry is informed, has a debilitating illness.
“Recently, while watching Curry drain one of those absurdly long 3s, Young turned to the friends who were watching with him and informed them proudly,”I know him.
He quickly thumbed through, then triumphantly pointed to a faded AAU photo from 18 years ago, when Steph Curry was just a skinny little zone-buster and CJ Young was on top of the basketball world.

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