Summary of “5 Pencil and Paper Games”

Pencil and paper games are an all-around great source of impromptu entertainment, as you’ll almost always have all the supplies needed for their play on hand.
A player wins the game when they guess the correct word.
The old-school version has the advantage of not needing those annoying little pegs or a manufactured game board, making starting a spontaneous showdown, or playing in the car on a long road trip, much easier.
Each player creates two 10×10 grids on their piece of paper.
Label one grid “My Ships” and the other grid “Enemy Ships.” Label each square on the x-axis 1-10, and each square on the y-axis A-G. Make sure neither player can see the other’s grids.
Once each player has drawn out their fleet, the play begins.
One player is “O”; the other player is “X.”.
The player who makes the last move wins the game, or you could play so that the player who makes the last play loses.

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