Summary of “Mo Salah Is Ready to Make the Whole World Smile”

In Liverpool, the fans follow Mohamed Salah when he bows in prayer.
“I don’t know why it happens or why it is happening, but it is something I think about.” I ask Salah about the way Egypt is changing because of him-how he has given young people a sports star to aspire to become-and he pauses.
“We’ll fight for the first. It’s a fighting mentality.”-Mo Salah to B/R Football, on returning from injury for Egypt’s first World Cup matchSalah is humble by nature, though he exudes a natural confidence that you might expect comes with the territory of being one of the greatest athletes in the world.
Still, Salah is thrilled and often surprised by the enthusiasm of the people who adore him.
A statement from the Egyptian national team, that its doctors expected Salah to recover in time for the country’s second match of the World Cup group stage, brought relief to millions.
A phone call with B/R may do more than that: “We’ll fight for the first,” Salah says.
Salah is aware of his celebrity throughout the world and is bold enough to want to push it further.
“I saw some YouTube of him-not just basketball, but when he’s talking-and I like him.” Salah insists that he wants to be the biggest player in the world.

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