Summary of “Trump Kim summit: Who are North Korea’s running bodyguards?”

The world once again got a glimpse of Kim Jong-un’s suited running bodyguards as they escorted his motorcade in Singapore.
The bodyguards running alongside Mr Kim’s limousine and those who walk in close proximity to him are part of something called Central Party Office #6, or formally, it’s known as the Main Office of Adjutants.
Walking, riding ahead, or in advance of Mr Kim are between three to five bodyguards including the director of the Main Office of Adjutants.
Despite carrying firearms, the bodyguards’ main defence for Mr Kim are their skills of observation, and neutralising any perceived threat with their hands and bodies.
Kim Jong-un’s bodyguards, in contrast to his father, are fewer in number and have a less obtrusive presence.
Guard Command personnel undergo a similar selection and vetting process as Mr Kim’s bodyguards in the Main Office of Adjutants.
In fact most bodyguards rotate out of the latter department into the GC. Recent observation and reporting about Mr Kim’s visit to Singapore noted that three planes arrived to the city state from Pyongyang.
While the running bodyguards are a striking image, it is the additional and not immediately visible layers of security further out that are the most sophisticated and extreme in the lengths they will go to ensure the preservation of the Kim dynasty.

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