Summary of “The Warriors Upped the Stakes This Offseason”

The Warriors won their third title in four seasons in a sweep, and LeBron James wasn’t even on the floor in the final four minutes of Game 4 because the Cavaliers were getting pummeled so badly.
Dynasties have defined the NBA every decade-Bill Russell’s Celtics to Magic Johnson’s Lakers to Michael Jordan’s Bulls-but it’s different with the Warriors: It’s felt like the road has been too easy, just like many fans and pundits feared it would be when Kevin Durant decided to join the Warriors on July 4, 2016.
Every team faces its own kind of adversity-David West even hinted after Game 4 that Golden State had behind-the-scenes issues that the public has “No clue” about-but it doesn’t change the fact that the Warriors still tip the scales on the court.
The Warriors are here to stay, as is the feeling from some fans that they’re ruining the NBA by turning every season into an inevitability.
The Warriors may be too good, but coaches, executives, and players around the league have an unsatisfied hunger to defeat them.
The offseason hot stove is already burning up just three days after the Warriors’ win.
Regardless of where he goes, his next team will need the talent and cerebral qualities necessary to defeat the Warriors.
No one expected the Warriors to turn into a force when Curry’s ankles couldn’t stay healthy and Draymond Green was just a second-round reserve.

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