Summary of “40 of the Best Villains in Literature”

Think of these as noteworthy villains, if it clarifies things.
Big-picture villain, the thing that causes everything to dissolve, and people to start christening their kittens and pushing them around in prams, has to be the global disease that left all the men on earth infertile.
Few villains are quite so aggressively ugly as Uriah Heep.
Some in the Lit Hub office argued that it was Julian who was the real villain in Donna Tartt’s classic novel of murder and declension, but I give Henry more credit than that.
Did you think the villain was the whale? The villain is not the whale-it’s the megalomaniac at the helm.
Who is really the villain in Rachel Kushner’s most recent novel? It can’t be Romy; serving a life sentence for killing a man who was stalking her.
The worst villain is the one who knows you best-the one you might even love.
The scariest motive is the lack of one-what Coleridge called Iago’s “Motiveless malignity.” The most interesting villain is the one who has even more lines than the titular hero.

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