Summary of “This Season’s Most Shocking TV Plot Twists”

If you watch TV competitively, then genre rules dictate what’s possible, and as the series progresses, it becomes possible to guess what’s going to happen next – if not on your own, then with the help of fellow plot guessers who’ve created a sort of virtual FBI field office online.
In the finale, you see Michael in that flashback, so at least you have seen him in the episode without having a story about how much she misses Michael, or about “Is she going to feel upset about getting engaged because the last time she was engaged was to Michael?” I felt like those would be too close actually to his return.
How Jane the Virgin Pulled Off Its Fantastic Surprise “I didn’t know for sure that I was going to do it until the end of season three.”
Often we find that it does defy expectations, because you’re in a certain sort of genre, and people in that genre more often are going to blow each other’s heads off.
JW: There were times that we tried on some more action in that scene for size, but it was pretty obvious to us that Stan is a good enough counterintelligence agent that he’s not going to let two people that he’s behind ever get the drop on him.
You want everyone to know by that Monday, something is going to happen here.
He would’ve been much more straight-down-the-middle: “Arie is going to make the biggest choice of his life, he’s in love with two women, how will it end?” Here, it was sort of like: “Just when you think it’s the end, it’s actually the beginning. You need to see it.” And even in our live show, when Chris is giving almost the emotional equivalent of a parental-discretion-advised warning: “This is not going to be an ordinary night. It’s going to be incredibly emotional, it is going to be tough, there’s going to be a lot of feelings, we’re all going to have a lot of opinions.” So you see that, and you can just feel TVs turning on, like, Oh my God, something big is going to happen here.
Aaron Harberts, co-showrunner and executive producer: Before we even cast Jason , we knew that that character was going to be from the mirror universe.

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