Summary of “Some Friendly Advice for LeBron James As He Prepares for His Next Decision”

It’s probably safe to say that Decision 1.0 didn’t get the rave reviews LeBron was looking for when people responded by burning his jersey in the streets.
The NBA would never let a player get an ownership stake while he’s still playing, but there’s nothing to prevent LeBron from making an implicit agreement with whatever franchise he signs with to join their ownership group once he retires.
Ask Bronny Where He’d Like to Play Danny Chau: Watching LeBron James Jr. highlights has become one of my favorite pastimes.
Where an NBA player establishes home base isn’t a pressing issue anymore, but as Bronny gears up for high school, I’d imagine that for LeBron Sr., proximity to his son would play a factor into the calculus of his offseason decision.
The 2023-24 season is the objective; LeBron has consistently stated that he’d love to play against his son at the NBA level.
George will likely be an unrestricted free agent, and he and LeBron can finally play together in a city that’s much more appealing than Cleveland.
Try to Get Cleveland to Draft Your Favorite Prospect T.C. Kane: In 2014, the Heat traded up to draft Shabazz Napier because LeBron tweeted about him during the NCAA tournament; LeBron left anyway, because of course the undersized 24th overall pick was never going to be a factor in his decision.
Cleveland might not bend to his will like Miami did, but it would be hilariously petty of LeBron to make it clear that the right rookie might keep him in the Land, and the wrong choice would doom the Cavs’ candidacy.

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