Summary of “LeBron James to the Houston Rockets this summer? Here’s how it could happen”

If LeBron James’ goal this offseason is to join the team that gives him the best chance of knocking off Golden State after back-to-back losses to the Warriors in the NBA Finals, his best hope may be joining the Houston Rockets – who took the Warriors the distance in this year’s conference finals.
Because Houston is already too close to the salary cap to sign James outright before even dealing with new contracts for free agents Chris Paul and Clint Capela, getting LeBron to Houston would almost certainly require a trade.
Why? Because even if the Rockets were to pull off a sign-and-trade deal for James as a maximum-salary free agent, doing so would hard-cap them at the luxury-tax apron, estimated at $128 million for next season.
Max salaries for James and Paul, plus James Harden, would swallow up more than $100 million of that total.
So unless James or Paul is willing to take a massive pay cut – unlikely given their leadership roles in the National Basketball Players Association – LeBron opting in is the way to go.
Six months after a trade, LeBron would be eligible to sign a max extension with the Rockets, meaning he can get to Houston and sign a long-term contract without having to wait until the summer of 2019.
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James would slide into Tucker’s role as starting power forward, and the Rockets would have their taxpayer midlevel exception to sign a backup shooting guard to replace Gordon.

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