Summary of “Amazon is challenging LaCroix with 365 sparkling water at Whole Foods”

Amazon and Whole Foods are about to shake up the US seltzer market.
Whole Foods is currently offering steep discounts on 12-packs of flavored sparkling water by 365 Everyday Value, its private label, at stores in the San Francisco area.
The deal highlights how Amazon is using Whole Foods, which it bought for $13.7 billion in June 2017, to go after some of the hottest brands in consumer-packaged goods.
Whole Foods introduced 365-branded canned sparkling water in September 2017, a month after Amazon closed the acquisition.
Amazon and Whole Foods aren’t the only ones challenging LaCroix.
Pepsi in February introduced Bubly, a zero-calorie sparkling water in eight flavors that, with its brightly colored cans and modish slogans, is an obvious play for the LaCroix consumer.
Whole Foods’ 365 seltzer line was in the works before the Amazon acquisition, a spokesman told Quartz.
Late last year, Whole Foods named sparkling water as a “Top food trend” for 2018.

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