Summary of “How to Turn Your Leftover Vegetables Into Dinner”

As a depressed person who sometimes struggles to feel worthy of not starving to death, I have not been the same since I found her recipe for yachaejon, or spring vegetable pancakes.
These aren’t fluffy hotcakes folded with leftover steamed broccoli or whatever-they’re crunchy, salty, fried goodness that happens to be mostly made of vegetables.
It bears repeating that you can use just about any vegetables you like so long as at least one of them is an onion.
Feel free to scale the vegetables and flour/water up and down to suit your needs; as long as you end up with a similar ratio of vegetable to batter, it’ll be fine.
Set a wide, heavy-bottomed skillet over low heat while you prepare the vegetables.
Shred, julienne, ribbon or otherwise very finely slice your vegetables into a large bowl.
Continue heating the oil until it’s shimmering and just barely smoking, then add the vegetable batter to the skillet by the handful, allowing any excess liquid to drip back into the mixing bowl.
Depending on the vegetables you’ve chosen, you can take these little pancakes in any culinary direction you can think of.

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