Summary of “The Thunder Will Keep Paul George. Now Comes the Hard Part.”

Before the clock even struck midnight on Saturday, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that George would re-sign with the Thunder.
Earlier Saturday afternoon, all sorts of rumors began percolating that pointed to PG staying in OKC. Marc Stein reported that George was “Strongly considering a two- or three-year deal to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder.” If that wasn’t enough, an OKC barber to the stars evidently picked up PG at the airport and then instructed Thunder fans to “Get ready for some great news.” Oh, and Westbrook threw a “Summer hype house party” while George was in town-one attended by OKC’s front office that also gave everyone a chance to officially chat and do the deal.
The Thunder gave George the hard sell-which might have been exactly what was required considering PG’s personal propaganda in the run-up.
Now the Thunder are just happy that George stuck around so they can take another crack at being a midlevel Western Conference team and not get knocked for throwing away a really good player in Oladipo and a useful one in Sabonis for nothing.
George is a better-than-average shooter from distance, but part of the reason he was deployed that way was because the Thunder didn’t have a ton of other options.
What if OKC’s worst-case scenario had happened instead? What if George had thanked the Thunder for their hospitality, packed up his things and moved to new digs? The Thunder obviously didn’t want that to happen, but it might have set them down a better path in the future even if they didn’t realize it right now.
Had George signed with another team, the Thunder would have been minus an All-Star and it wouldn’t have made their financial situation any less dire.
That’s a parallel universe that’s probably hard for Thunder fans to entertain given that the organization just re-signed George.

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