Summary of “The best TV of 2018 so far”

Final episodes of long-running shows are fiendishly difficult to pull off, let alone final seasons, and a list of subpar TV conclusions would be long and exhausting, much like those shows’ finales.
Atlanta’s stellar sophomore year was subtitled Robbin’ Season, a reference to a real-life period of increased crime around the holidays, but it was also a potent metaphor for this season’s general aura of unease.
On the evening of May 11, the cop comedy was renewed by NBC. The 24 hours in between were an emotional roller coaster, but if you were watching closely after the show returned from winter hiatus, you were prepared for it: Brooklyn Nine-Nine threw a preemptive Viking funeral at the end of its fifth season, saying farewells to beloved characters like Doug “The Pontiac Bandit” Judy and making preparations for the wedding of Jake and Amy.Brooklyn cops, new girls, last men, and the end of a sitcom lineup for the ages.
The show outdoes itself in the second season; it’s both more pointed and restrained than the first.
Season three might have been set in Italy, but the love story that unfolds in season four is much worthier of the operatic treatment.
We’re only halfway into the first season, but Pose has earned its place among the best that 2018 has to offer.
In its second season, the show kept scaling new heights by branching out, turning their talents to a sweet Southern mom trying to get her gay son to come back to the church, and a trans man navigating a brand new life.
A devastating episode of American Crime Story is the season’s best yet.

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