Summary of “‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Man of Steel,’ and When a Trailer Lies to You”

Zack Snyder makes movies, but he was born for trailers.
Man of Steel, of course, is a movie about aliens punching each other into skyscrapers.
Teasers are unnatural advertisements, meant to ramp up excitement months and sometimes years ahead of a movie’s release.
Sometimes a psychological allegory like Mother! is positioned to look like a horror movie.
The independent houses hired to cut these trailers-for selling a movie he didn’t quite make.
It’s interesting that Snyder’s movie didn’t pick up a cue from the man who produced the film and personally blessed Snyder’s vision: Christopher Nolan.
The Dark Knight is a crime movie, a love triangle, a class commentary, an urban drama, and a true-blue comic book that shows the heroes, the villains, and the razor-wire that separates the two.
For years, we complained about movie trailers giving away too much plot, too many sequences, too much of everything.

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