Summary of “How to Pump Yourself Up Before a Presentation”

My pre-talk ritual has always been to be still; I would consider this a spiritual ritual.
I’ll typically find a dark spot backstage to center myself, exhale calmly, and create quiet space in my head. Meanwhile, I interviewed over 40 professional speakers some of who have a more amp-it-up ritual, like doing power poses or rocking out to heavy metal bands.
There are 4 types of pre-talk rituals to consider trying before you go onstage.
Empathy rituals help you connect better to the people in your audience.
According to neuroscience professor Pascal Molenberghs, “Empathy is important because it helps us understand how others are feeling so we can respond appropriately to the situation.” A ritual that generates empathy can both help you humanize the individuals in the crowd and makes you less afraid of them.
An exertion ritual before a talk is just what it sounds like: you exert yourself before you speak in order to get your heart moving, feel in touch with your body, and boost your energy levels.
There are lots of ways to execute an exertion ritual, like doing a brief workout, dancing to hip hop music in your hotel room, or jumping up and down backstage.
You can pick the pre-talk ritual that’s right for your speaking style or the scenario you’re presenting in.

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