Summary of “Library Rules: How to make an open office plan work”

Ok, so given all that, if you do go open, how do you make open work?
One, they’re generally open spaces with a number of desks and surfaces scattered throughout - similar to an open floor plan office.
They’re called libraries! And the more you treat your office as a library of work - rather than a chaotic kitchen of work - the better an open floor plan is going to work.
Making an open floor plan work is a cultural decision.
So even if you’re fortunate enough to work remotely, or in an office with private rooms for everyone, if you’re forced to follow multiple real-time conversations all day long, you’re effectively working in open plan office too.
AcousticsWhat’s worse than an open floor plan? An open floor plan loaded with hard surfaces! And given that many open plans are housed in old warehouse/loft-like spaces, you’re materially at a disadvantage.
Open’s a choiceYes, an open floor plan is a choice, but it requires a cultural commitment to respect and quiet.
It’s all optional!We did the best job we could designing an open office that allows everyone to work in focused peace and quiet every day.

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