Summary of “Isaac Asimov: Becoming Educated”

You may learn critical knowledge and key reasoning skills from books filled with facts, but this knowledge and reasoning will be limited in their scope without a broad imagination.
It’s often said that the best way to learn or to be educated is to teach, and there is a truth to that because teaching forces you to dig down to a core understanding that many neglect.
The best of the best only have one job: to evoke a sense of curiosity in you and to teach you to enjoy learning for its own sake.
“You valued learning and you taught me to value it. Once I learned to value it, the rest came without trouble.”
Very few people can recall the details of what they learned in school, but everybody can tell you their favorite part of a gripping story or the first time they picked up a great non-fiction.
Every experience we have and every lesson we learn is another information point that leads to a form of education.
Isaac Asimov lived a life that placed a high value on learning, and in the process, he showed us what it means to become educated and the steps worth taking to get there.
We associate knowledge with non-fiction, but great fiction is perhaps an even greater container of wisdom.

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