Summary of “Gaming’s toxic men, explained”

How did we get here? Gaming has attracted many angry young men who are comfortable with harassing and abusing women.
There’s an often promoted belief amongst certain people within the worlds of gaming and tech that technology is naturally, even biologically, the domain of men.
Why are objectionable opinions so common in gaming spaces? Gaming’s toxic men are often keen to display offensive opinions about women and people of color.
Why is online gaming chat rife with overt and casual racism? People of color who venture into gaming spaces are often assaulted with vile insults or tired cliches.
If you look at gaming circles and the gaming industry, it is a fairly white industry – both in development and publishing, and press.
Why are gaming’s toxic men so enraged? Women and people of color are beginning to appear in games as powerful characters with their own agency.
“For these people, white male is the default mode for humanity” Why do so many men in gaming exhibit a persecution complex? White male gamers often defend their own toxic behavior by claiming to be marginalized.
How can real change be effected? Gaming’s toxic men are often hostile to progressive change and inclusion.

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