Summary of “Meet The Reddit User Who Keeps Beating Powerful NBA Reporters To Scoops”

The moderators of /r/nba, who have historically been quick to remove any post claiming to break news, had to make an exception for SEAinLA. They decided that he had proven himself credible, and would be allowed to continue posting scoops.
SEAinLA had become the first legitimate NBA insider native to Reddit.
Still, questions remained: Who was SEAinLA? How did he get his information? Why was he sharing it with Reddit and what was in it for him? Those are the questions I aimed to answer when I reached out SEAinLA. “This is pure escapism for me,” SEAinLA told me.
SEAinLA isn’t an agent or a media member and he doesn’t work for an NBA team.
SEAinLA won’t post scoops to Reddit without his friends’ permission, and only if they’re certain the information is correct.
“NBA Reddit has presented me with such a great forum for engaging in debate,” SEAinLA said.
SEAinLA went on to say that he posted exclusively to Reddit in order to reach the highest concentration of people who care about these kinds of stories.
SEAinLA may not be a real threat to established NBA journalists, but his uncompromising methods are a boon for NBA-obsessed fans who are constantly seeking inside information.

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