Summary of “Ben Gibbard Ranks Death Cab for Cutie’s Eight Albums”

They’re about to release their ninth studio record, Thank You for Today, and, like most of the albums in their catalog, it is rooted in the elements fans have come to love about the band while still exploring new territories.
Ben Gibbard: This record is my least favorite that we’ve made for a number of reasons.
We came off maybe the darkest record we’ve ever had in Narrow Stairs, and I think for me, personally, even before those shifts in my life, I realized, “Man, I don’t want to make a record like that again.” I realized how much self-loathing and self-pity is on Narrow Stairs.
There’s an old cliché, but people say it because it’s true: You have your whole life to write your first record, you write the second record which was songs from the first record and new stuff you wrote, and then the difficult third.
There are a number of songs on that record that are really underbaked.
The environment of making that record was by far the worst environment to be making a record, just because of the context of which it was made.
What was going on in your life that you were able to churn out two albums that are some of the most beloved indie rock records? Two in one year, that’s insane.
How was the band dynamic then?Transatlanticism was, of all of those first eight records, the best working environment we’d ever had. I’ve never been a believer in “Oh, the greatest art comes from strife, when you’re fighting and the conflict.” No it doesn’t.

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