Summary of “Time Is Your Most Important Investing Asset”

If you have money to invest, what’s keeping you from realizing higher gains? Probably time.
You build wealth through investing by keeping your money in the market.
The S&P 500 has historically returned around 10 percent annually not including dividends, but that doesn’t mean you can invest one day and then cash out a year later and expect 10 percent more money.
Over the 15 years through 2017, the market returned 9.9 percent annually to those who remained fully invested, according to Putnam Investments.
You can’t “Time” the market to hit just the best days.
There’s no ideal time to invest, except a long time.
Because none of us want to think we’re average, right? But as I’ve written before, the building blocks of your finances should be boring: Invest in low-cost index funds, consistently, for a long time.
Nothing is guaranteed, but investing for the long run-so that the market has time to dip and recover, as it always has-is going to be the best strategy for most people.

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