Summary of “This is what being in love looks like”

In 2017, to find joy once more, she decided to go on a road trip across France, asking random strangers to share their most defining and life-changing love stories with her.
Yann: “Alexandre and I met on Facebook through friends. We then talked on Skype for two months and we fell in love. Alexandre was kicked out of his house and he came to live with me and my family. My parents were not aware that we were in love or that I was gay. But my mother guessed it, because we were looking at each other lovingly. One day she searched my room and found all the letters we wrote each other. In my family, we don’t speak about our feelings. She had a hard time accepting it. The day she gave me her blessing, I immediately asked Alexandre to marry me. We got married two weeks ago. We are the second gay couple to get married in Elbeuf!”.
Alexandre: “I decided to take Yann’s last name. I am completely estranged from my family except for my father, but he died in April. I was brought up in a foster family who I’ve since taken to court for mistreatment. And when I finally went back to my mother’s house, she ended up throwing me out because I was gay. Today, I am at peace. With Yann, I feel confident. I love Yann’s body and his childish side. I am always doing little things for him, like every night, I pour him a bath with candles, and I bring him breakfast in bed. We want at least four children.”
“He had the reputation of being a great charmer. All the girls wanted him. He would always go out with end-of-the-line duchesses, or dancers with long legs. I, on the other hand, was a tiny girl with no money. He made accessories for a circus company, and I was an equestrian performer. I would go naked on the horse’s back, stand on it, or ride sidesaddled. I fell in love with him because I wanted security. But it turned out to be the opposite: he harassed me mentally and physically, and denigrated me as an artist. I directed comedians and acrobats, but he would go behind my back to tell them my artistic direction was all wrong. He would break everything I did.”
“I think I’m an inveterate romantic. I could fall in love so easily. I would love to raise a second child. I have been given the green light to adopt one.”
“The problem when you are 17 and that you fall in love with an older man is that you ask yourself: do I have a psychological problem? Do I have an oedipal complex?”.
“I am with Katia now. She is from Paris. She is a good person. I met her when she was 17 and I was 25. She was my employee. She loved me, but it wasn’t reciprocal. I was with someone else at the time. And we spent 30 years without seeing each other. But we met again and we got married 10 years ago. I never got married with the others. Why? Because they didn’t ask. She just had an operation, so she is in Paris, resting. Do I love her? I don’t know. Love is a weird word. I care about Katia. That must be love. She cares about me too – a bit too much.”
“It wasn’t love at first sight with Thierry. His web profile was too perfect, and a lot of men had lied to me. He said he cooked; he doesn’t. But he does do the cleaning. He tells me he loves me, that he thinks I am pretty. We can’t live without each other. It has been two years.”

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