Summary of “Are you a leader or a manager? Here’s the difference”

If you have a management title, you may think of yourself as a leader.
There are some stark differences between how leaders and managers motivate people toward common goals.
Halelly Azulay, founder and CEO of TalentGrow LLC and author of Employee Development on a Shoestring, says the main difference between leaders and managers is that leaders attract a following who believe in their vision, while managers have people who do work for them without necessarily any intrinsic buy-in to a particular vision.
“The primary distinction between a manager and a leader is that you don’t have to hold a management job title to be a leader, and a leader doesn’t have to have formal power over direct reports,” says Perkins.
While not all managers are leaders, both argue managers will be more successful if they develop their leadership skills.
These small steps can help you hone your emotional intelligence and help you become a better leader.
Being an effective leader requires listening to feedback.
Instead of telling people what to do, leaders ask for input from their team and create an engaged workforce who feel that their input makes a difference.

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