Summary of “How I became a morning person”

Five years ago, I decided to become a morning person.
I traded a typical night-owl schedule-up till midnight or later, staring at a screen, writing, doing design work, coding-for an uncommon routine where I go to sleep early, wake up early, and get a lot of work done in those quiet morning hours.
Don’t underestimate the importance of light in waking up.
We’re hard-wired to wake up when it’s light and get sleepy when it’s dark.
You can’t wait for sunrise and wake up early, so you need artificial light.
Having something to do is part of “How to wake up early,” but for me it’s also why I wake up early.
Even doing dishes, ironing shirts, or straightening up the apartment helps me wake up and feel productive before the day has started.
Even with coffee, light, and something to do, it’s tough to wake up early without making some adjustments to your evening routine.

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