Summary of “Who controls your data?”

Just in the past few months, Facebook was reported to have asked hospitals, including Stanford University School of Medicine, to share and integrate patients’ medical data with its own.
A team of nine Engadget reporters in London, Paris, New York and San Francisco filed more than 150 subject access requests – in other words, requests for personal data – to more than 30 popular tech companies ranging from social networks to dating apps to streaming services.
We made unexpected discoveries: the distorted, fun house mirror profile that Acxiom held on one reporter; a kink app with lax security practices; a dating service that sent us a stranger’s data.
Thursday: How a data request turned into a data breach.
Netflix provided full glossaries for its tables of data in a single PDF.Beyond simply what was given to us, would the data be understandable, even meaningful?
Spotify Customer Service did not provide full explanations of the file names, and a spokeswoman said while we could ask about specific data fields, the company did not have a glossary for all of its files.
The right to portability is separate from the right to access one’s data.
A request from a US-based reporter went unanswered for more than a month; the company eventually provided data 12 weeks later.

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