Summary of “Primary care startup Parsley embraces functional medicine”

My Parsley Health experience started with a kindly bloodwork technician coming to me to draw a sample, pack it in his duffle bag, and drive away to the lab.
Parsley Health is meant to foster a close, long-term doctor-patient relationship where both parties are committed to addressing the underlying reasons of health problems.
Amid bearded, juice-slugging entrepreneurs on their laptops, I settle into the Parsley Health “Office,” located within WeWork Playa Vista, California.
In 2013, while advising several health startups, Berzin saw an industry that was ripe for her vision of what medicine could ultimately look like.
In 2015, Berzin launched Parsley Health with just one doctor: herself.
Moving forward, Parsley Health intends to open more clinics across the country, as well as beef up its online content platform.
The biggest challenge, says Berzin, is educating the public about the benefits of functional health.
With Parsley Health, membership equates to a little under $5 a day.

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