Summary of “Netflix’s ‘OITNB’ Leak: Larson Studios Breaks Silence”

Larson Studios president Rick Larson and his wife and business partner, Jill Larson, didn’t recognize the number that sent them these two short text messages via their personal cell phones two days before Christmas last year, so they simply ignored them.
In an exclusive interview with Variety, the Larson Studios principals are breaking their silence on an incident that threatened the existence of their family-owned audio post-production business.
Larson Studios chief engineer David Dondorf and director of digital systems Chris Unthank left their families on Christmas morning and rushed to the studio to examine the hackers’ claims.
So Larson Studios hired private data security experts to find out what had happened – and what to do next.
A few days later, the phones at Larson started to ring, with the security departments of various studios on the other end of the line.
In the email, the hackers argued that Larson Studios had broken the terms of the agreement by talking to the FBI. “So they decided to punish us.”
Larson Studios has spent months trying to mend relationships with its clients, and strengthening its security.
Work on security continues at Larson Studios, which is still undergoing audits commissioned by some of its major clients.

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