Summary of “How a Saison Dupont changed Michael Kiser’s life.”

Inspired to keep track of what beer he was trying on his business trips, Michael bought the URL to Good Beer Hunting the next day and he has been serving the beer industry ever since.
We caught up with Michael to find out how a hobby led him to become the premier tastemaker in the craft beer industry, what successful breweries have in common, and what’s next for GBH.You are a writer, photographer, industry strategist, and founder of Good Beer Hunting.
There’s some major breaking news in the beer world, or a surprise visit from a brewer and we jump into the recording room for a podcast, sales reps drop in to share their new beers, and lately we’ve been spending time with the Pitchfork team on October, a mainstream beer and entertainment site we’re running as well.
Good Beer Hunting started as your view on the craft beer scene, but has become a medium for other writers to share their objective views on the rapidly growing & changing industry.
We tell a lot of stories about craft beer, but our vision is a lot wider than just craft alone.
These breweries are far more interesting to me, and more firmly rooted in a tradition, than anything I’d call “Craft.” They get lumped in with the craft beer zeitgeist of the last ten years, but really, they’re reaching back hundreds of years as part of a much slower, more articulate idea of beer-making.
What are some developments in the industry that excite you most?Origin beers, and the crossover between beer, cider, and wine through the art of fermentation is what excites me the most.
Good Beer Hunting serves beer in multiple ways, whether it be through collaborations, strategic work with breweries, or sharing stories from all sides of the industry.

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