Summary of “Emma Thompson, In Conversation”

“The way in which I frame my past,” says Emma Thompson, sitting in her cool Manhattan hotel room on a sweltering late-summer day, “Is always changing.” And yet some things stay the same.
You think a “Crumbling” happens in every long-term relationship?Not necessarily crumbling, but if the relationship hasn’t changed for long periods of time then the people in it are probably serving a facsimile of what the relationship used to be.
You think about what might happen here with Roe versus Wade, and then also think about what happened in Ireland where abortion and gay marriage were made possible – extraordinary.
The thing is, you were asking how my thinking has changed: I was reading The Madwoman in the Attic.
If you think about – okay, another story: I was doing a thing with trafficking.
The thing is, I don’t think of my career in phases.
For a while that belief persisted, but I think everyone’s beginning to realize that good acting can be all sorts of things.
You clean out the cupboard and you find something in it that leads you to another task, which you get terribly involved in, and you think, Great, that’ll take me another day.

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