Summary of “The 34 People and Things That Will Define the 2018-19 NBA Season”

We heard you like rankings, so to kick off The Ringer’s 2018-19 NBA Preview, we’re devoting the week to evaluating the players, the story lines, and the odds and ends that promise to make the upcoming season one to remember.
The two consensus top-10 recruits took peculiar routes to the NBA draft - Robinson eschewed his commitment to Western Kentucky to dedicate the season to draft preparation; Simons, a 2018 recruit, eschewed college basketball altogether.
For all of the accelerated aging Smith forced upon James during their three-plus seasons together, their working relationship helped the Cavs to four Finals in a row and the game’s most infamous marksman to squeeze out some good basketball - and land one last big payday - as he crept into his 30s. What will happen now, with Smith entering his age-33 season without James by his side? Judging by the glimpses we’ve gotten of his offseason improvements, it will be captivating no matter what.
Smith followed up a dreadful 2016-17 season with an equally brutal 2018 postseason; if the downward trend continues, and one of the young wings in the Cavs’ stockpile takes a step forward, our access to Smith and the life he injects into the game may be limited.
Porzingis’s games played have trended downward since his rookie season and could hit a career low this season depending on when he returns from February’s torn ACL in his left knee.
Dwyane Wade’s Retirement Tour Chau: Just over 12 years ago, in the 2006 NBA Finals, Dwyane Wade seemingly solidified his standing as a top-five shooting guard of all time - in only his third season.
It’s not hyperbole to suggest that the shoulder issue that derailed the first NBA season of the no.
For all the possibility that Simmons’s first NBA season elicited, the Celtics’ success in exposing his limitations was a cold, hard reminder of how far the 22-year-old still has to go.

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