Summary of “Beth Moore: The Evangelical Superstar Taking on Trump”

For the moment most evangelical women look like Beth Moore’s traditional fan base: white and middle-aged.
The event was billed as an “Intimate” gathering, but 5,000 women sitting in a church auditorium is intimate only by contrast with the arena-size crowds Moore hosted in the past.
On her way to the stage, Moore worked the room in stiletto boots, greeting strangers like old friends.
“Some of you are here to see if I’m as big a fruitcake as they say that I am, and”-here Moore emitted a theatrical little gasp-laugh, like helium escaping a balloon-“You probably already have your answer.”
Debbie, 54, my seatmate, had been to eight Beth Moore events.
Moore walked slowly among them as if in a trance, pausing to rub a back or whisper a prayer.
Above all, what women seem to want from Moore is to be seen.
This article appears in the October 2018 print edition with the headline “Will Beth Moore Lose Her Flock?”.

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