Summary of “Thousands of autistic girls and women ‘going undiagnosed’ due to gender bias”

Hundreds of thousands of girls and women with autism are going undiagnosed due to it being viewed as a “Male condition”, according to one of the UK’s leading neuroscientists.
Prof Francesca HappĂ©, director of the Social, Genetic & Developmental Psychiatry Centre at King’s College London, warned that the failure to recognise autism in girls and women was taking a stark toll on their mental health.
“We’ve overlooked autism in women and girls and I think there’s a real gender equality issue here,” she said.
More recent work suggests there may be subtle differences in how autism presents in girls and women.
Teachers and clinicians tend to be less inclined to consider autism as a likely explanation for girls and women struggling with social and communication problems than with boys and men.
If the real ratio were shown to be 3:1, this would suggest that up to 200,000 girls and women with autism have been omitted from the national tally.
Carol Povey, director of the National Autistic Society’s Centre for Autism, said there was growing recognition of the issue, with a steady increase in referrals of women and girls to specialist diagnostic centres during the past few years.
“The problem is that professionals often don’t understand the different ways autism can manifest in women and girls, with many going through their lives without a diagnosis and an understanding of why they feel different.”

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