Summary of “How to Quit Your Job and Get Into Comedy”

Most late-night jobs, from Saturday Night Live to The Daily Show to Late Night With Seth Meyers, will require you to submit a packet of sketches in order to be in contention for a staff writing job.
Just like how improv introduced you to crucial components of a general comedic equation, sketch writing helps you translate onto the page what you may have learned in a less structured performance space.
Whether you go through multiple levels in each improv and sketch school’s program or decide short form just isn’t your thing, the tenets of using your keyboard to set a scene, introduce a funny premise quickly, build upon that premise, and get out with a bang will teach you how to write things people laugh at.
Comedy Career Skills Developed: Original idea generation, joke writing, story development.
Now’s the time to head back to your idea list and look at how many jokes you’ve written down versus how many sketches, essays, short film ideas, TV pitches, and feature takes.
Download an actual shooting script from the show you want to spec and take a look at where the show’s writers placed act breaks, how they structured dialogue, and how they broke the episode’s overall story.
Comedy Career Skills Developed: Idea generation, story development, writing.
Comedy Career Skills Developed: Idea generation, pitching, writing prose, networking.

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