Summary of “Is Too Much Apple Cider Vinegar Bad for You? A Doctor Weighs In”

Our friends and colleagues will regale us with stories of the healing power of apple cider vinegar for whatever problem we may have just mentioned.
As a practicing physician and professor of medicine, people ask me about the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar all the time.
A few examples are that of the famous Greek physician Hippocrates, who recommended vinegar for the treatment of cough and colds, and that of the Italian physician Tommaso Del Garbo, who, during an outbreak of plague in 1348, washed his hands, face, and mouth with vinegar in the hopes of preventing infection.
The most reliable evidence for the health benefits of vinegar come from a few humans studies involving apple cider vinegar.
One study demonstrated that apple cider vinegar can improve after-meal blood glucose levels in insulin-resistant subjects.
In 11 people who were “Pre-diabetic,” drinking 20 milliliters – a little more than one tablespoon – of apple cider vinegar lowered their blood sugar levels 30 to 60 minutes after eating more than a placebo did.
Is There Any Harm in It?Is there any evidence that vinegar is bad for you? Not really.
Unless you are drinking excessive amounts of it, or drinking a high acetic acid concentration vinegar such as distilled white vinegar used for cleaning, or rubbing it in your eyes, or heating it in a lead vat as the Romans did to make it sweet.

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