Summary of “What Margaret Sullivan thinks about tech CEOs buying media companies.”

What should we make of these tech titans turned media patrons, and should we worry about their intentions? To figure that out, we recently interviewed Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan on If Then, Slate’s technology podcast.
Can you help us understand what this means, to have tech executives buy media companies? Is there something that we really need to be thinking about here?
Margaret Sullivan: Well, I can talk about it directly as being an employee of the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, and it’s been a very, very positive thing for the Post.The Post was, I think you could say it was troubled as lot of newspapers were, and was really trying to be a local newspaper and Bezos has sort of switched that around, so that the Post has very big national and even global ambitions.
So I think that there’s a potential upside there for legacy companies that are trying to figure out what to do in the post-print world.
If you look at the history of media ownership, it’s certainly not a new thing to have business magnates or billionaires coming in and buying a media empire partly as a vanity project-that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
How do the Washington Post’s business reporters think about their obligations when Bezos is their owner, even if he’s not standing at their side saying, write this, don’t write that? There must still be an imaginary Bezos on their shoulder when they’re covering his company.
“But I think that certainly covering the news and looking a step further is not at all frowned on or impossible to do.” – Margaret Sullivan.
So do these tech executives expect to eventually make money, do you think? And if and when the rubber meets the road on that, could things still go awry?

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