Summary of “How to Help a Colleague Who Seems Off Their Game”

The first step is to let your colleague know that you’ve noticed they’re off their game.
You can’t force a colleague to disclose what’s going on with them, but just letting them know that you’ve noticed that they seem to be acting differently shows them that someone out there is paying attention.
Beyond just stating that you’ve observed that your colleague is struggling, you can also help to validate the difficulty of being productive.
It’s likely your colleague thinks they are unique in their concerns and frustrations.
First, it may help your colleague recognize that their feelings about work are not a sign that they don’t belong in their job.
Then you might be helping a colleague to make the decision to pursue other opportunities.
More likely, your colleague is suited to their job but is having trouble getting things done.
You need to be careful that helping your colleague doesn’t drain your energy or hurt your performance.

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