Summary of “A New Kind of Tech Job Emphasizes Skills, Not a College Degree”

On Wednesday, the approach received a strong corporate endorsement from Microsoft, which announced a grant of more than $25 million to help Skillful, a program to foster skills-oriented hiring, training and education.
These jobs have taken off in tech for two main reasons.
TechHire provides grants and expertise to train workers around the country and link them to jobs by nurturing local networks of job seekers, trainers and companies.
In just two years, TechHire’s network has grown to 72 communities, 237 training organizations and 1,300 employers.
The program offered six months of training in software programming that included working with a company while being paid $400 a week.
The TechHire program, she said, could be “a doorway to a good-paying job, which is everything here.”
In Colorado, Skillful is working to improve the flow of useful information among job seekers, employers, educators, governments and local training groups.
The organization focuses on jobs in tech, health care and advanced manufacturing.

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