Summary of “Staying Focused in a Noisy Open Office”

How can you make peace with your open office? How should you handle loud coworkers who are disturbing your focus? What’s the best way to cope with the noise and distractions in your office without coming across as antisocial or rude?
As companies increasingly adopt an open layout, it’s important to learn how to deal with unwanted noise, says Karen Dillon, the author of the HBR Guide to Office Politics.
Even the most open of open offices tends to have discrete spaces that allow employees to remove themselves from the commotion.
If your problem isn’t the open office per se, but one talkative and very loud coworker, it might be time to “Speak with your manager about moving desks,” says Dillon.
Do:. Talk with your manager and your team about how you can all work optimally in an open office.
“Working in an open office environment allows me be approachable and accessible for everyone,” she says.
Kaitlin Stewart, senior account executive at the TASC Group, the public relations agency, works in an open office with eight of her colleagues.
For the most part, Kaitlin views the open office as beneficial for her team’s camaraderie.

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