Summary of “How Netflix Expanded to 190 Countries in 7 Years”

The majority of Prime subscribers are in the U.S., and Netflix has managed to make inroads into even those markets where Prime arrived first.
From the experience and learning it gained in that process, Netflix developed the capabilities to expand into a diverse set of markets within a few years – the second phase of the process.
The third phase, during which a much-accelerated pace of entry brought Netflix to 190 countries, used everything it had learned from the first two phases.
Netflix has worked with, and responded to, the new markets it’s entered.
While Netflix believes that “Great storytelling transcends borders,” in the words of Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer, the company has responded to customer preferences for local content: Currently it’s producing original content in 17 different markets.
Netflix potentially reaps the benefits of investing in local content all around the world.
Despite its very rapid internationalization, Netflix implemented in all markets the same customer-centric model of operations that had been key to its success in the United States.
Netflix has demonstrated that developing country-specific knowledge is critical for success in local markets.

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