Summary of “The Eight Best Players of the 2018 NFL Season So Far”

For the second straight season, Gurley has been the most dangerous player on arguably the league’s best offense.
Why the hell would the league’s best running back face light boxes on nine out of every 10 runs? The answer is that the Rams use 11 personnel on nearly 93 percent of their running plays, and opponents are forced to respond with sub-package defenses.
Adam Thielen, WR, Vikings The Case: After finishing Sunday’s 27-17 win over the Cardinals with 123 yards receiving, Thielen became just the sixth player since the merger with at least 100 receiving yards in six straight games – and the first player in NFL history to do over the first six games of a season.
Jared Goff, QB, Rams The Case: For anyone wondering why the Rams are still undefeated and clearly the best team in football, maybe it’s because their running back and quarterback both have a viable claim as the league’s best player.
Goff’s improvement from his rookie year to last season’s sophomore campaign was the largest jump any player in the league made over that period, and he’s continued his ascent in his third season.
Truly great players pull off feats in plays that aren’t even designed for them.
He’s been one of the best pass-protecting left tackles in the league for years, but he’s brought his play up a notch in 2018.
No one is playing better on the blind side right now, and the gap between Bakhtiari and the other players at his position is arguably the biggest in the league.

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