Summary of “Elizabeth Gilbert on Love, Loss, and How to Move Through Grief as Grief Moves Through You – Brain Pickings”

One need not be a dry materialist to bow before the recognition that no heart goes through life unplundered by loss – all love presupposes it, be it in death or in heartbreak.
Whether what is lost are feelings or atoms, grief comes, unforgiving and unpredictable in its myriad manifestations.
How to move through this barely survivable experience is what author and altogether glorious human being Elizabeth Gilbert examines with uncommon insight and tenderness of heart in her conversation with TED curator Chris Anderson on the inaugural episode of the TED Interviews podcast.
There is a humility that you have to step into, where you surrender to being moved through the landscape of grief by grief itself.
Secondly, in the moments of my life when I have fallen in love, I have just as little power over it as I do in grief.
The only way that I can “Handle” Grief is the same way that I “Handle” Love – by not “Handling” it.
How do you survive the tsunami of Grief? By being willing to experience it, without resistance.
Grief says to me: “You will never love anyone the way you loved Rayya.” And I reply: “I am willing for that to be true.” Grief says: “She’s gone, and she’s never coming back.” I reply: “I am willing for that to be true.” Grief says: “You will never hear that laugh again.” I say: “I am willing.” Grief says, “You will never smell her skin again.” I get down on the floor on my fucking knees, and – and through my sheets of tears – I say, “I AM WILLING.” This is the job of the living – to be willing to bow down before EVERYTHING that is bigger than you.

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